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Your Local Gymnastics Center

Dakota Gymnastics Academy (DGA) shares the same mission as Gymnastics Canada, which sets the standards and guidelines for gymnastics in Canada.

We strive to offer a wide range of positive and enjoyable gymnastics experiences while prioritizing safety and quality programming. In simpler terms, our philosophy aligns with that of Gymnastics Canada - we want everyone involved in gymnastics to have fun, improve their fitness levels, and develop a strong foundation of fundamental skills.


We Believe

In order for young individuals to effectively learn gymnastics, it is crucial to provide them with a secure and enjoyable atmosphere that fosters creativity, diversity, and consistency. This environment also plays a key role in developing essential life skills alongside their gymnastics abilities.

Train With The Best

Our dedicated coaching staff is passionate about gymnastics and enjoys working with individuals. All of our coaches are NCCP certified, ranging from Level 3 to Level 1. They have undergone child abuse checks and hold first aid certificates.

What sets our staff apart is their distinctive approach in engaging students, striking the perfect balance between maintaining high standards and ensuring class enjoyment.




Arkadiy Isakov (Adik)
Head Coach and DGA Founder


Mr. Isakov is a Level 3 NCCP men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics coach and member of National coaches team in Canada. Arkadiy has over 30 years of experience coaching, which also includes the increasingly popular Acrobatics gymnastics. He is certified in First Aid and CPR/AED as well as Respect in Sport and Make Ethical Decisions through the Coaching Association of Canada.

As a former gymnast, Adik received the Soviet Master Sport and was a member of the Soviet National Team who had a devastating record of winning awards.

For a second straight year, Adik has been awarded the Sport Manitoba Order of Sport Excellence for his contributions to gymnastics in Manitoba!


Hilde Marsch
Recreational Coach


As a recreational coach, Hilde Marsch has always been passionate about Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline. Her Foundation training in these sports has made her an expert in coaching kids of all ages who share the same passion as hers. Having practiced gymnastics as a child herself, she understands the importance of providing a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow while developing their skills. Hilde's love for working with kids of all ages is evident in the way she inspires them to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve their goals.


Anna Biscocho
Recreational Coach


Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline are two of Anna Biscocho's specialties as a recreational coach. Having trained in both, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her coaching sessions. Her love for working with kids stems from her own experience doing gymnastics as a child. To further enhance her skills in this area, Anna holds a child's psychology degree from the Philippines and has worked in daycares in her home country. Her holistic approach to coaching ensures that not only do children develop their physical abilities, but they also receive emotional support and encouragement.


Our Main GYM located in the Manitoba Korean Presbyterian Church located at 621 Oxford St in River Heights. The gym is a wonderful space that allows us to offer a wide variety of programming including birthday parties, school PD day camps, school breaks camps, and more!

Our training area includes a competition-sized floor for tumbling and other maneuvers as well as space for training in vault, beams, bars, rings, parallel bars, and pommel horse. The space also includes a tumble air track, preschool-sized equipment, and a variety of teaching props.

Dakota Gymnastics Academy provides recreational and fully equipped gymnastics facility for the gymnastics disciplines of men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics. We also provide auxiliary training for athletes from other sport disciplines (e.g., hockey, ringette, and figure skating).

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According to the International Olympic Committee as well as Sport Canada, gymnastics is recognized as one of the three foundation sports for all other sports. Universally, gymnastics is a popular sport.
Within Canada, it is one of the fastest-growing sports among children and youth. Currently, there are over 300,000 individual gymnasts in Canada, including 20,000 competitive gymnasts. Canada is also beginning to be recognized as a world contender in the sport, and for the first time in the nation’s history in 2017 it hosted the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Montreal, Québec.

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