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Looking for an ACTIVE After School program? Dakota Gymnastics Academy offers After School pickup and great after-school activities and games!

This program is for children ages 6+.

Program Description: 

  • We will pick up your children from school and walk them to our facility at 621 Oxford St

  • We will take great care of your children, providing a safe and nurturing environment including active and structured activities

  • We will teach your kids gymnastics skills, tumbling, and fitness while fostering an attitude of respect

  • We will supervise snacks, homework, daily reading time

Benefits for Parents:

  • Happy, healthy and tired kids at the end of the day!

  • Kids activities are done so you can enjoy your evening!

  • Convenient pick-up time, no rush in the mid-afternoon!


The After School program ends no later than 5:30 pm. Pick-up time may be delayed until 7 pm if your child enrolls in a same-day gymnastics class (recreational classes can be added for an
additional cost). In the case of a 7 pm pick-up time please provide a substantive after school snack.

We will pick up your children on early dismissal days at no additional charge.

Special Discounts: (applicable only to children enrolled in our After School program)

  • 15% sibling discount

  • Flexible payment options - 10% off single payment for the year; 5% off for two
    payments (Sept. 1 & Feb.1), 10 monthly payments

  • Bonus: $35 off the weekly full-day camps

  • Bonus: 10% off Recreational classes

Cost per Month:

5 days a week- $ 300 plus GST

Annual registration fee (non-refundable)- $45


Payment and Refund Policy:

  • Each month is due on the 1 st of each month

  • There is no prorating for missed days

  • Two weeks paid notice is required for early withdrawal from the After School Program


Proper attire is required during Gym activities. If your child is doing gymnastics class, please make sure that they are properly dressed:


  • Girls: leotard or shirt that tucks in and shorts/leggings. Long hair pulled back, and no jewelry

  • Boys: shorts with a t-shirt that tucks in, and no jewelry.

Attendance Policy:

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify us no later than 2 pm if the child is absent from school
or will not be attending our After School program that day.

Gym Pick-Up Policy & Sign-Out:

  • The school MUST be notified by the guardian that Dakota Gymnastics Academy will be picking up your child(ren).

  • All parents and guardians are expected to pick up their child(ren) on time.

  • If you are sending an alternate person to pick up your child(ren), please make sure to inform us and provide the name of the person. Photo ID will be required at pick up.

Behaviour Guidelines:


Bullying and physical aggression will not be tolerated. Our words and actions have implications.
When mistakes are made, they will need to be fixed. Children are expected to solve problems peacefully and seek assistance as needed from a supervising coach.

We expect children to comply with all instructions, directions, and requests. We will notify the parent of specific, repeated negative behaviour. Our rules are in place to help provide a safety and courteous space, so all children can play together safely and happily.

Please note that payments must be submitted in order to finalize registration.

If you don't see the Registration Form below, please click HERE 

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