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Gymnastics Training

The Best Gymnastics In Winnipeg

If you are interested in gymnastics training for yourself or for your child, look no further than Dakota Gymnastics Academy. Our academy has a range of classes available for all ages and ability levels. We have programs that are perfect for tots and toddlers, just learning how to walk. These classes help to teach balance and flexibility, and will help set the foundation and groundwork for learning advanced artistic gymnastics in the future. 

For older children we offer progressive artistic gymnastics classes for both girls and boys, allowing students to progress as they become stronger and more capable of performing the detailed movements. Gymnastics training for students can be as fun, or competitive with the ability to join our competitive team as you progress through group lessons. Plus, the team at Dakota Gymnastics Academy offers gymnastics training for adults too. No matter your age or skill level, we truly have a way to offer you enjoyment and enhancement of your abilities.

We offer fun and engaging classes for students simply looking for an after school sport, or detailed and competitive opportunities for students looking to be a part of a competitive team. Our convenient class times make it possible to fit gymnastics class into almost any child’s or adult’s busy schedule.

When it comes time to choose a gymnastics gym to join in Canada you have plenty of options. How do you know which gym is right for you? For the best gymnastics in Winnipeg, come to Dakota Gymnastics Academy. Our team and staff has years of experience and is dedicated to helping your child progress and advance through gymnastics training.

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