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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Challenging, Engaging Women’s And Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

While many students start gymnastics at a young age, this isn't always true for everyone. Some people do not even get interested in gymnastics until much later in life when they are well into adulthood. The team at Dakota Gymnastics Academy offers adults gymnastics lessons in a safe and easy to learn environment. 

For many adults gymnastics is a great opportunity to relieve stress, get a wonderful workout, and make friends. The muscle control needed to perform many of the movements is unparalleled, and many adults report getting a full body workout in just our one hour class time. Plus, many of our classes are offered in the evening, so you can still find time to add your new hobby into your busy schedule. Adult gymnastics classes can help with both beginners and advanced students and are guaranteed to help keep you in shape while having fun. We offer both women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics.

Of course, we welcome children of all ages to take our classes as well. We have programs for tots as young as 18 months, with competitive classes starting from 5 years old. Our classes cover a wide range of focuses, and are available at several times, so you can work them into your child’s schedule more easily. 

Over time, as you or your child progress through classes, you will be able to see strength, flexibility, and overall ability bloom with each passing week. Many of our students are impressed and overwhelmed with how quickly they are able to advance through the progressive movements. For fun, energetic, and exhilarating childrens’ and adults’ gymnastics,  come to Dakota Gymnastics Academy.

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