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Participate in Parkour Or Acrobatic Gymnastics

If traditional artistic gymnastics are not for you our team offers a range of related services that may be of interest. At Dakota Gymnastics Academy we understand that the passion and dedication artistic gymnastics requires isn't for everyone, and that is alright. We offer parkour classes that utilize much of the same space and equipment. 

Parkour is an activity that usually takes place in an urban space, moving through hard surfaces with athletic flips, twists, and jumps. If untrained, parkour can be extremely dangerous. Allow yourself to not only learn these movements in a safe space, but practice your art in the comforts of a padded gym. Not only will this allow your skills to progress, but you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are practicing your skill in the safest way possible. You can be confident that the instructors here will guide you through the proper movements so you can perform parkour safely and with true skill.

The team at Dakota Gymnastics Academy also offers classes for acrobatic gymnastics. The acrobatic gymnastics classes take many of the gymnastics elements that people enjoy, such as flipping and tumbling, and combine it into a comprehensive class. Learning acrobatic gymnastics can be helpful for a number of different disciplines including martial arts, cheerleading, or even dance. Our classes give students the ability to learn the raw power they possess with body movements, but takes some of the traditional gymnastic apparatuses out of the equation. 

Our wide range of classes isn’t just limited to acrobatic gymnastics or parkour, either. We also offer yoga, tai chi, and much more. However you prefer to be active, Dakota Gymnastics Academy is here to help you enjoy yourself and improve your abilities.

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