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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies.



DGA Rules and Policies

Behaviour – Any child who is unable to follow the coach’s instructions or harasses other children, puts his/her own safety and other gymnasts at risk, may be asked to withdraw from the program, and any fees paid in advance will be refunded.​ 

What to Wear – Participants are asked to wear a gym appropriate attire. Gymnastics leotards are ideal but not required. Shirts, leggings or sweatpants, and a tighter fitting t-shirt are all good. Long hair must be tied back neatly. No skirts, jeans, shorts or pants with belt, buckles or zippers. Bare feet only (in some cases sports socks are permitted). No jewellery.

Parents/Guardians – Are allowed to enter the gym only if they are part of the class, or if it is a special event. In the Parents and Tot class, please have only one adult per child (unless permission has been granted ahead of time).

Food and beverages (except water bottles) are not allowed in the gym.

Classes – Start on time. Children must be picked up promptly when class is over.

Parents/guardians are required to supervise their children before and immediately after class. In cases where you are going to be late picking up your child, please let us know. Siblings not attending class must be supervised by an adult/parent/guardian.

Canceled Classes – If we, Dakota Gymnastics Academy, have to cancel a class for any reason and you paid for it, we will provide a make-up for that class. There are no refunds or make-up classes for sessions that have been canceled due to inclement weather.

Feedback – We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions! It is important to us that Dakota Gymnastics Academy is something we are all proud to be a part of.

Rejection – Dakota Gymnastics Academy, as a private club, reserves the right to reject any members who are not respecting the rules and policies.

Rules & Policies
Payment and rfund

Payment/Refund Policy

  • In order to guarantee your spot in a class, payments must be submitted when you register. *

  • Recreational classes must be paid for in full, including the membership fee prior to the first class.

  • Pre-competitive and Competitive athletes who train multiple times per week may pay monthly (the membership must be paid with the first month's payment).

    • Post-dated cheques will need to be submitted for the monthly fees.

    • Athletes who have not paid will not be allowed to train on the gym floor.

  • Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or e-transfer to

    • When paying by e-transfer, please include the name of your child(ren) in the message!

    • For parents who wish to make payment arrangements, we kindly request you to get in touch with our office.

  • Class fees are not pro-rated due to holidays and no make-up classes will be offered.

  • The annual insurance registration fee is non-refundable. This fee is paid once per year. If you have multiple children attending classes, the fee needs to be paid for each child.

  • For the Summer session registration fee is $ 20 for new students who have not participated in the Fall, Winter or Spring sessions.

  • You are eligible to request a refund within the first three weeks of the course beginning, however, no reimbursements will be honored after the third session, with the exception of a doctor's note being provided. Unless a medical note is presented, no refund will be made after the third lesson.  Refunds are subject to a $25 administrative fee as well as the cost of classes that have already been held. Please notify us the day before your class begins if you wish to cancel or there will be a charge for that class. 

*If you've applied for funding assistance, please contact us so that we can try to accommodate your family

Not sure if you can afford it? Go to the Jumpstart Fundings section.


Save money with these specials;

  • Families with more than one child enrolled receive a 10% discount for each additional child.

  • Register and pay for the Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions and receive 5% off.

  • For those who enroll in the same session, we provide a 10% discount on the second class.

*Camps and Special Events have different payment/refund/discount Policies. Each camp or special event will have separate policy announcements.

Jumpstart Fundings

Not sure if you can afford to register at Dakota Gymnastics Academy?

Jumpstart is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Please visit their websites for more information!

Jumpstart website

*If you've applied for funding assistance, please contact us so that we can try to accommodate your family!

Jumpstart Funding
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